The problem:

Java will not install on my laptop.

My laptop was purchased a little over three and a half months ago. It is an eMachines 440-1394; Windows 7, two Gb RAM, 250 Gb HDD

When I purchased the laptop, I was able to install openOffice (with Java? I am not sure). Apple Safari and iTunes installed fine as well.

Since then, I have not been able to update either Apple software program listed above. Other non essential updates (eg Windows Live Messenger) When I tried to use the database in openOffice, I couldn’t because there was no Java Runtime Environment.

Not sure if these problems are related or not. Anti virus tells me that there is no virus on my machine. Maybe a setting in Windows 7?

Help. I will appreciate your help.

can not install Java (trying 6.22) - error 1606

Apple updates will not install

Cannot update windows live essential (only currently installed programs) - vital windows updates installed, this update isnt vital, but is it related to the above?