Not sure if this is mentioned already or not.. I tried to find but couldn't.. may be i missed it.

But the issue is:

I want two alias functionality:

1. when a mail is sent to an account; if it has a forwarder set; it should forward a copy of email to the mentioned email address.
2. all the emails sent to a domain alias should be automatically forwarded to the respective email account in the main domain.

eg for 1. xyz@abc.com => hfg@gmail.com
eg for 2. xyz@alias.com => xyz@maindomain.com

We have a database that stores the mailboxes as we have our own control panel. I can get only one working at a time.

I have the mysql query in the .cf file and mentioned it in the main.cf as 'virtual_alias_maps' but i need both to work not just one at a time. Any solution or suggestion would be most appreciated.

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