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I have installed apache server, php, mysql, and phpmyadmin on my new Linux Ubuntu, and I want to start building my PHP projects using any platform such as Eclips. but the problem that I am facing is that I am a new linux user and i can not state where i can put my php files so it could be compiled and run. In windows apache root folder was C:\AppServ\www
so what is in Linux Ubuntu?

Any one can help me please?



i tried this one but i can not put any files inside it
or any project

please give a hint

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Hint, try logging in as root to put files in there.

folders under var are protected, so before you start putting files there do this

myaccount@mymachine:~$ cd /var/
myaccount@mymachine:/var$ sudo chmod -R 777 www/
[sudo] password for myaccount: <type your password>

Note that command you are to type are in red
hope it helps

Hint, try logging in as root to put files in there.

It is bad Idea as it compromises security.
You need only to change permission pertaining to www folder ONLY

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