ppl i am about to buy me a new harddisk :) 160 gb :) anyhow i got the windows vista ultimate and the linux enterprise desktop 10 i was wondering which is better ????

>i was wondering which is better ????
Neither. It depends on your needs and goals. First tell us a little bit about what you're going to be using the operating system for.

What I will note, however, is that Vista is still very new and bugs are being ironed out at the moment. That's why you'll have to explain exactly what you intend to do and what you expect out of the operating system.

dont get suse linux enterprise desktop - get a copy of ubuntu 7 (feisty) for free its much better but i suppose it all depends on your linux experience

if you want web/office tasks then linux is fine, but if you want games or support for certain hardware you have to get vista

aparently i am 17 years old wut do u think i am gonna use it for ofcourse games and support and softwares but i got one other question from where do i get the ubuntu? and is it a whole operating system alone and which os is it close to linux windows or the mac??? i am using it games but i just need info abuot ubuntu cause i have been hearing about them since forever

Uubuntu is a type of linux

there are 300 + different linux operating systems. Most of them can be downlaoded for free (legally) from the web

but i think you have to get vista. Like 99% of games do not run on linux

ok thanx about that ???!?!?!! but i never saw a linux in my life can u give me a screen shot of how linux or this(ubuntu) looks like please answer sorry i have gone 4 a week but i just bought me a car and i was excited cause my old one i .......well however i was busy this week so please gimme some screen shots of the linux and the ubuntu .....................and does the linux look like the mac??????

all the linux versions look different, some are very nice and can look like the mac, and evern have vista-ish effects whereas others are very basic or feature only a command prompt

and what does tis ubuntu look like??