Can anyone tell me please How i can change my Linux Appearance.


what version of linux are you running?
Most distro's run a window manager and you can usually download themes for it...

Hi friend,
To change appearance in Ubantu Linux operating system you just go to "System-> Administration-> Login Window" and enter the admin password, now a window open, chose "Local" tab from tab menu 7 select appearance screen as you like.

In your last post, you pointed out that although I said I was using Floatrix, my system info indicated that I was using Matrix. Being new to Gallery, I didn't realize that one has to change the theme settings in multiple places. While I had set my photo albums to Floatrix, I had not set my "Default Theme" setting to Floatrix. As soon as I did that, my custom header popped up in the admin view. However, my "homepage" still did not display my custom header. After thinking about it for a moment, I realized that even though it contains no actual photos my "homepage" too is an album. (My "Root Album" is called "CenterfoldNextDoor.com Featured models." It doesn't have any photos of its own. Each model has her own album and they're all nested inside of "CenterfoldNextDoor.com Featured models.") So I changed the "Root Album" to Floatrix, too and now every page has my custom header.

Do you know that I've spent days looking through the documentation on this site and rummaging through every line of code in every smarty file to try and figure this out? lol.

So I guess my next issue is that I have an old version of Gallery, yes? My hosting company is Network Solutions. I installed this version through a "one-click" installer on their open-source goodies page. Is it easy to install a newer version on a Linux server? I don't have access to the server since it's not my box...
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