When I click on vsftpd.conf I get a error saying : Nautilus has no installed viewer capable of displaying "/ect/vsftpd/vsftp.conf". Can you please tell me a way to fix this?


Been awhile since I have jumped on a linux gui (think the last one was Fluxbox), but IIRC you should be able start an editor - gui version, if you like - by running a command via the Gnome Menu. Alternatively, start a shell and then start the editor from there.

Tip: use nohup gedit & if you want the editor to stay open after you close the terminal.

BTW, gedit is the Gnome Editor, in case you didn't know. You could also try vim, a bit hard for beginners, or pico/nano, if you are so inclined to use the command line interface (CLI).

I think that i'm the only person that gets that error. is this because of the versian of the linux I'm using? If i change it will everything be normal?

Probably not because of the version of linux you are using, but maybe because of the distro. Perhaps a cockup when they put it altogether.

Sorry, it's been a while since I used Gnome so I'm not too much help. But I went googling a bit, and I found this thread: Associating Shell Scripts In Nautilus/gnome in FC2 [linuxcommunity.org].

Looks like it might be what your looking for; just remember that most distros tend to do things their own way so watch out for path locations and file names in user directories and in config directories [read: /etc].