Mar 26, 2004 14:34 ET [img][/img]TimeSys Demonstrates Industry's First Linux Development and Testing Tools to Work with Any Linux Kernel

PITTSBURGH, March 26 /PRNewswire/ -- At the upcoming Embedded Systems Conference in San Francisco, TimeSys(R) Corporation, a leader in embedded Linux(R) development tools and products, will demonstrate how its TimeStorm(R) Linux Tool Suite works seamlessly with any embedded Linux distribution, including those from commercial Linux vendors Red Hat and MontaVista, as well as with TimeSys' own Linux v2.4 and v2.6 distributions. Demonstrations, which will take place at TimeSys booth #2418, will show embedded developers how they can use TimeStorm tools to build, port, customize, validate and deploy a complete embedded Linux platform using the open source and commercial Linux distributions of their choice.

"Embedded developers require the flexibility to choose the Linux distribution and hardware platform that best meets their design goals," said Larry Weidman, TimeSys CEO. "Our TimeStorm suite of development and testing tools is the only solution in the industry to enable developers to take existing Linux solutions to new hardware platforms and integrate Linux components and software from multiple vendors without regard to whose Linux or which platform they use."

Additional technology demonstrations will include real-time application development with TimeSys Linux RTOS, the industry's only single-kernel Linux real-time operating system, and configuration and application development with the latest Linux kernel, version 2.6, which TimeSys has ported to the PowerPC and Intel IA32 processor architectures for embedded development.

TimeSys Presentation Theater

Along with demonstrations of TimeSys Linux development tools and technology, TimeSys will also present regular discussions on embedded Linux development topics in its Presentation Theater, including:

Debunking Linux Development Myths -- Three Steps to Debugging -- Ten Steps to Get Linux on Your Board -- Cross Platform Development Is Easy -- Linux as a Real-Time Operating System Embedded Development with Linux -- An Introduction to Linux 2.6 -- Migrating Device Drivers to Linux 2.6 -- Bring Your Own Linux (BYOL) -- More than Just Eclipse - The TimeStorm Tools About TimeSys CorporationTimeSys is making it easier to embed Linux by providing the only complete line of products and tools that support the entire embedded Linux development cycle. Covering the range of products from turn-key ready to run Linux software development kits to development and testing tools for any Linux distribution, TimeSys enables embedded engineers to streamline the development of Linux-based embedded systems. Developers assembling their own Linux operating system and development environment or customizing a third-party Linux platform can use TimeSys' TimeStorm Linux development and testing tools to build, port and test the Linux kernel, root filesystem, device drivers and application software. Engineers that prefer off-the-shelf solutions can utilize one of TimeSys' 75+ hardware specific Linux SDKs that provide a packaged, integrated Linux development environment that include a ready to run TimeSys Linux RTOS distribution and application development tools for their hardware. TimeSys technologies are utilized in a wide variety of industries and applications, from industrial/process control and consumer electronics to military and avionics. For more information about TimeSys, please visit , send email to or call 1-888-432-TIME.

TimeSys and TimeStorm are registered trademarks of TimeSys Corporation in the United States and other countries. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. All other trademarks referred to herein are the property of their respective owners.

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I looked at their website for quite some time...they make it sound as if they are doing something completely new. Some people have been at it since 1996:

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