That is the question. Like you have found everything you need in Linux and do not depend on any OS at all. I have found most of the software equivalent to Microsoft and I can totally switch except for some game which I don't really need. But my all in one Lexmark printer is not so friendly with Linux. Printing works fine except for the scanner. Its just hang during scanning. So I had to use a virtual box and install Window XP to use the scanner. If not I am totally Linux user. So how about you guys?

I also have moved off of Windows on my laptop and my main desktop is not far behind. For anything that I want to run as if I have Microsoft's continually hacked and patched Windows I use WINE which works even for my games (World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Red alert etc.) No Viruses, true multi-tasking, I can upgrade without rebooting, and it is just faster and more responsive. I admit there was a learning curve getting used the the GUI (I have always used linux command line) but I am free from Microsoft (AKA the Borg) and all of my software is free and legal. I can choose from thousands of packages that are available.
Live free or Die.

I use a dual-boot with Windows 7 on my main PC, mostly because I play a lot of games on Steam and it doesn't run so well in WINE. On my netbook I've completely switched to Ubuntu because I don't think I'll find myself running any recent game on a netbook!

yes, agreed I am running Ubuntu 10.4 64x on my main computer and I am pretty happy. It performs better than windows Vista and I dare to say that it is even faster than windows 7.
I have everything I need and I don't think I'll be spending $200.00 or more for a copy of windows any more. On my laptop I have Windows Xp pro. but that's only to do work related stuff.

Ever since the HD died on our main XP pro desktop at home, I've completely switched to Linux.

The hardware in our main desktop PC does not meet the minimum spec for Vista or 7. And XP is nearing the end of it's shelf life, so reinstalling XP would be pointless. Plus we can't afford to upgrade our PC or buy a new one. Besides, other than a dead HD there really isn't anything wrong with the existing harware either. So our hand is more or less forced!

As soon as we get a new HD, it will be resurrected to run Ubuntu or Fedora.

I've been using *nix for a few years now. I have an old tablet PC running Ubuntu 9.04, a laptop running Ubuntu 9.10(via USB stick...Another machine with a dead HD!) and a much older laptop with Damn Small Linux.

As a developer, *nix provides all the development tools I'll ever need.
*nix also provides enough software to meet my familys rather basic IT needs, Firefox, OpenOffice, Evolution, VLC etc.

And none of my family are particularly big on games, so they aren't missed! They only play things like solitaire and minesweeper and whenever I want to get my fps frag-time in, I'm happy to fire up something like Urban Terror, Nexuiz, Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory or Alien Arena! (at least on the one laptop we have that can handle those games! heh heh!)

My family enjoy the relatively hassle-free user experience and I also enjoy the challenge of fixing things in the few rare cases when something has gone wrong (which has usually been down to user error/misuse more than anything else! Often my own, heh heh!)

So yup, count me in!

I only use Linux. My main work station runs Ubuntu 10.04 (although I'll move up soon - 10.10). I have some old computers around just for playing with and for my kids. On those I play around with other Linux distros - just to learn or see how they work and for fun.

Since I was a tour guide working at a lodge I had almost no interaction with computers for many years. When I did buy a laptop I ran Windows XP but still didn't use it to much. When I started trying to learn to program, the computer was always slow - you'd have to go away to make a cup of coffee each time you would boot up. I tried everything and then one day decided to try Ubuntu, which I had got in a book, and suddenly the laptop booted up really quickly. Compared with the initiations I was having trying to run Windows, Linux just seemed like a breath of fresh air.

So I never developed much of an attachment to anything on Windows - if anything I developed a dislike. My wife has her work stuff on a shiny new laptop with Windows 7 - which I guess seems okay - otherwise my household is all Linux. My seven year old son will already ask "Daddy, can I change my o-per-at-ing sys-tem today" and already knows the answer - "Sure, Mark, just remember you are going to loose all the games we already installed"

I have switched. Everything I need can be found in the free and open source software community and i have already planned all my future computer expenses to be 100% linux or at least free bsd.

my work pc still uses windows but i am hard at work trying to change that too.