hello !... I have linux fedora 7 installed pc along with windows 7. I want to play audio & video songs in fedora. but the default media player with fedora is not supporting, so I wanna install other media player like vlc media player in fedora . plz help me in finding the media player for linux fedora & ( from which site It can be downloaded), give detail procedure for installation of this software.....thanks

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Actually your media player does support all the formats that are available, however, you need to install the codecs for non-free items like MP3. If you use the rpmfusion & livna repositories then you'll be able to install the non-free codecs to play anything from encrypted DVDs to all your music (and I believe they have VLC as well). All the instructions are on the website.

My only question is why are you using Fedora 7? If your computer can handle Windows 7 then why not use the latest Fedora 12? You'll have more updated software and most likely a much better user experience.


Why are you even using such old fedora installation? I am sure your PC will be able to handle fedora 12. Linux doesn't have high requirements for running.

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