Hi guys,

recently I installed ubuntu onto my system and it was running fine until yesterday.

I auto installed a few updates and now my wireless is not working at all.

The manager is telling me that it is indeed enabled but it just wont work.

Anyone have any ideas?


Few things to try and check. Do you still have a wlan0/ath0 or whatever device? What happens if you connect using terminal (iwconfig/ifconfig/dhclient). If no wlan/ath device what chipset is your wireless card?

Could we assume I'm a complete n00b and explain those commands?
Sorry about this but I'm brand new to ubintu

sudo ifconfig

then look on the left hand side for wlan0/ath0 (it'll be in the same column as eth0)
To connect wirelessly try (as root or add sudo before the commands):

If you don't know the essid:
iwlist <wireless card from previous ifconfig> scan
and it will output all of the wireless networks it can find.
iwconfig wlan0 essid "<essid of your network>"
ifconfig wlan0 up
dhclient wlan0

to get the chipset lspci or lsusb depending on card type should tell you. To tell what module is loaded lsmod.

Thanks for the info.

My card is a intel communications PRO/Wireless 4965 AG or ADG

The Problem might be:

ISP provider thats not working .
Havn't setup your router properly.
Faulty modem instead of router.