I tried to tether my Samsung SGH-L700 phone in Ubuntu 11.04.I successfully created the connection and configured it correctly. The problem is that, whenever I try to connect to the internet using the phone, the phone restarts and I'm not able to connect. Any workaround for it?

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What is the make/model and operating system + version of the phone? Does your phone's data account allow tethering? Does the phone's software support tethering?

The phone is a feature phone, no fancy OS backing it up. I can tether it in WinXP. I don't know what the OS is called and its definitely not Symbian.

Well, if you can tether it in XP, you should be able to tether it with Ubuntu. To Ubuntu, it should just look like a USB broadband modem, using PPOE protocols to communicate. So, how did you create the connection?

I am using Ubuntu 10.10 from last 1 year. If you want to tether internet in Ubuntu via your phone than you have two option for it. First is you can connect your phone with Ubuntu using bluetooth connection and easily create Internet connection. Second you can connect using USB cable. When you connect USB cable with PC than your phone should ask you for Com port or mass Storage so you can select the Com port option than your phone modem automatically detect in ubuntu and ubuntu will ask for your country and carrier name to connect Internet. The best part of Ubuntu is you can tether any china phone or any bluetooth enable phone in the OS.

When I use the USB cable to connect, the phone just restarts. and I a message pops up on the upper right side like "GSM Disconnected". And even if I remove the data cable and connect it again the computer won't recognize the phone until I restart the OS.

I don't know why this is happening, but if the phone has hotspot capabilities (basically a small WiFi access point that using the GSM connection to get to the Internet), and your computer also has WiFi capability, then try that instead of direct tethering. I do that sometimes with my Android phone and laptop, say when I forget to bring the USB cable with me... :-) That way, I also don't have to worry about dragging the cable around.

I think I should try bluetooth.Maybe while trying to connecting to network, the computer might be sending more current then the phone can handle

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