OK, so it might not be quite as talked about as the mythical Apple iTablet, but the Google Chrome OS-based netbook is also creating quite a stir. According to the IB Times the Chrome OS netbook will have the following tech specs:

An Nvidia Tegra chipset (given the late 2010 rumoured release one guesses Tegra 2.0) powered by an ARM CPU and replete with 64GB SSD and 2GB RAM will drive a 10.1 inch HD-ready, 1,280 x 720 resolution touchscreen screened device. The usual array of extras such as WiFi and 3G, Bluetooth and Ethernet are also on the reported tech spec list.

Meanwhile, the German Netbook News publication is suggesting a unit price of less than 200 Euros (that's under US $300) although a 3G plan will, of course, add a significant monthly fee to that basic hardware cost. Still, it is starting to sound like the kind of device that makes me yell IWOOT - I Want One Of Those!