I am not able to transfer files to ans from Linux machine to Windows machine as its not recognizing Windows file path. Plz help me out.

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I'm giving this command to download file from Windows to Linux :

ftp> get c:/vikram/abc.txt /home/xyz.txt

And m getting error as :

local: /home/xyz.txt remote: c:/vikram/abc.txt
200 PORT command successful.
550 c:/vikram/abc.txt: The system cannot find the file specified.

Where I'm lacking !!!

I would try FileZilla from the Windows side. Being a GUI, you will see exactly where the files are and the path will become obvious.

I'm trying to do this programatically through java code. Being application deployed at Linux would it be possible to download files from Windows to Linux using Java codes ?

Are you running the ftp client on Windows or Linux?

Yes, m running FTP client on Linux machine.

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