error: "NOT ENOUGH FREE SPACE" message although drive is fully empty

win7 is already installed on my C: drive, and i am trying to install fedora 14 on drive G:(NTFS,85 gb-fully empty),but it display the error message that "not enough space". why it happen?? how can resolve it?. i am selecting CUSTOM LAYOUT option during installation. And doing installation from Fedora-14-i686-Live-Desktop-cd.
any help would appreciate.



From What I understand you have an empty drive (G) and you want to install fedora to that. Fedora will not install on a NTFS partition. Try deleting the partition(G) and choose the appropriate file system; perhaps a guided installation for the space that is left.

Were this me performing the installation manually I would create an extended partition and have two partitions inside, 1 partition of ext3 and 1 swap partition (only a few GB). Use gedit to set up the partitions and select the correct ones during the OS installation.

- Let us know how it goes.

thnk u very much Xlphos.

i did the same as per your instruction. first i delete the partition and then install on tht unallocated space successfully. As f14 works on ext4 partition not on ntfs.

thnx again