recently I had a bit of bother with a software with practically destroyed my registry. After resetting my registry to zero (using the repair files) I started reinstalling my software.

Owning an iPhone I am obliged to install iTunes (as I don't want to jailbreak my phone). Using the latest version (10.5) I installed iTunes which worked fine but it was unable to recognize my iPhone. Thinking it to be an unproper installation process, I did unstall iTunes using Advanced Uninstaller Free and tried to reinstall iTunes after that.

It didn't work. All I got was a very generic message saying that the installation encountered an error (without specifying which one) and that the system was not changed (which isn't entirely true as Bonjour seemed to be half-installed and running in the back which it didn't before). I tried it several times.

I tried to remove any registry entries containing "Apple" in its name or value (but not "Applet" ;)). The first few times I installed iTunes just like that - later I had QuickTime installed and working.

I tried to install only AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi (as described here) but it got the same message.

Does anyone have a clue why it won't install anymore?

I have Windows XP with SP3 running, and before that problem I was using iTunes for a long time without any problem.

I tried many ways to get 10.5 back but no matter what I did - the Apple Mobile Device Support always gets axed.

I finally managed to install iTunes 10.4.1 and keep the Apple Mobile Device Support. I won't update iTunes anymore (as the last time I did that AMDS disappeared again).

If you run into a similar problem and need an older version of iTunes, get it here.

P.S. I'll mark this thread as solved though that hardly the case but as no one offered any ideas we should move on...

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