I have Ubuntu Server 10.10.

My setup is as follows:

From the Ubuntu Server, I have an ethernet cable connecting to my Windows Computer, which has a wireless connection to my modem(and the internet). How would I be able to make it so that I can connect to the internet from my Ubuntu Server?

I heard that some routing software would be the solution but I have no idea which program to get or how to use it.

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For some reason I still can't connect to anything, I try sudo apt-get update and I get errors about not being able to resolve things. Is there any firewall/connection settings I have to setup in windows or ubuntu server?



Are you after having the internet going to your server(wired) and communicating with the windows machine wireless to allow access to the internet?

Or are you trying to use ubuntu as a radius server with an access point so that wireless clients can join and connect to the network?


As I understand Ideally you should only have the server in the background assigning IPs, serving webpages and controlling traffic via an access point.

I think what you need internet going to a wireless access point which is connected to the internet. Wireless clients should connect to the access point which in a way is controlled by the server. A radius server would allow multiple users with their own password and username access via the access point.


I don't understand. I just want to be able to connect to the internet when using my Ubuntu Server.


I'm on the bus so don't have the capability to test, however this has crossed my mind.

Setup the LAN card on your windows box with an up eg with the mask but no gateway. Do the same on the Linux box same mask as above and your windows box as the gateway.

At this point you should be able to ping each way.

From here set up a static route to send all the stuff from your LAN on your windows box out over the WLAN. Or maybe bridging the interfaces?


Just to clarify what are you after?

Just internet on the server aswell as XP OR controlling connections from the server and having clients connect through that?


@Moncky I've done the first part, and I can ping each way. I've tried bridging the interfaces(in windows) and that didn't work. Then I tried adding a static route with the command route add mask and it gave me the error The route addition failed: The specified mask parameter is invalid ( Destination & Mask) != Destination . I'm not sure what I should do here.

EDIT: sorry about the tripple post.

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