hey there,
I am trying to install ubuntu 9.10 in my pc. as instructed, I burned the iso file I took from ubuntu site into a cd and restarted my computer. after that, I was promted for the language I want to use. I chose english, then when offered four or five option, I chose Install Ubuntu. after this step, I wait for a while, and then I see a message saying I/O Error. when I view the content of the cd with windows, everything works just fine... so I guess my cd is not damaged. anyone have any idea what could be causing this. I also read that burning the iso file onto an 80-minute cd is preferable, so I complied with that too. any help is greatly appreciated.

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hey there,
I am trying to install ubuntu 9.10 in my pc. ..

Why did you do it?
First of all - try liveCD.

I already installed ubuntu. read on for what the roblem happened to be.
@areopaq: I installed it because I want to learn.
when I burned ubuntu iso file in a cd, I used infraRecorder, at the max speed... that's why it did not work. when I burned the file in another cd, using infraRecorder's 6x speed (it reported that it is using 8x speed) the cd worked fine. you might need this for advicing others. cheers!!!

@xlphos: when I burned ubuntu iso file... at the max speed
In future: use as slow speed, as posible - to burning CD
Ubuntu now work?
See - http://fullcirclemagazine.org/ - many useful articles for beginner.

eyah it does. thanks for your help. i have another problem now: my vcl plays movies in linux, but with no colors. do you have any idea what's wrong?

Some question:
Movies format? - what codec using.
Video card driver - install?
Ubuntu don't have any -
1. propritary codec
2. driver for video card
from CD now.
Try to install:
1. Use VLC player => http://www.videolan.org/vlc/
2. System => Administration => Driver

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