I'm feeling very difficulty to find RAPTOR software for XUBUNTU. Is there is any software like RAPTOR to draw flow charts. If you found plzz rply me....

Thank you.

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You could try yEd, Dia, or LibreOffice Draw.

Dia and Libreoffice are available in the latest ubuntu repositories.

I don't want Drawing Software. What i want is a flowchart designing software for linux-XUBUNTU. Plzzz check it out and say me.....

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Some drawing software can make flowcharts. Did you look at any of the software I posted? I tried yEd, and it seemed the most particularly designed for making flowcharts of the three.

You can't expect someone to give you exactly what you need without doing any work yourself. I assume from your response that you did not even take 10 minutes to play with the three programs I mentioned. Try them out.

Thank You....
Here is i have one doubt. How to use LibreOffice Draw.
To Draw flowcharts

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