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I'm a total newbie to Ubuntu (12.04) - I've literally been using it a few hours. I have a samsung n220 netbook with an RTL8192e card, but its not recognised. I've been slaving away trying to get this thing working (connected to router via ethernet right now). I found out that NDISwrapper would be the easiest way to go about getting the Wifi driver to work. Can somebody post up all the steps i need to go through in noob speak? I need to install NDISwrapper, download the drivers and get it all together...somehow.

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You can get the Realtek driver here.
They have two drivers for it at the bottom, an XP/Vista driver and a Win7 driver. If one doesn't work the other might. I'm assuming you'll want to try the win7 driver first.

Unzip the file after you download it. That can be done using the unzip command in the terminal. If you right-click on it in your file manager there's probably an option to unzip it too.

If your install is 64 bit the driver files you need for ndiswrapper will be in "RTL819xP_WindowsDriver_2002.1.0106.2011.F1032.P0703_ISS_1.00.0168.L/RTL819xP_Driver/Win7X64"
If it's 32 bit they will be in "RTL819xP_WindowsDriver_2002.1.0106.2011.F1032.P0703_ISS_1.00.0168.L/RTL819xP_Driver/Win7X86"

If you're unsure if you're on 32 or 64 bit, open a terminal and run "uname -r".

Then follow through the steps [in Linux Questions Ndiswrapper guide] (http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/Networking/NdisWrapper_The_Ultimate_Guide) to get your driver working.

The best resource I know of for Linux wireless issues (links to drivers, installation instructions, etc) is www.linuxwireless.org

Thanks for the replies...unfortunately I broke my Ubuntu earlier and in trying to fix it I managed to mash up everything so now I can't boot and it goes straight through to grub. Hopefully I'll fix it soon...If not I'll format the drive, reinstall windows and then try Ubuntu again (without breaking it!)

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