I'm getting bash:is a directory message every time I want to extract a package. What is this?
The file is in my downloads so I typed:
/home/liveuser/Downloads tar -xfz pckg.tar.bz2
Im running Fedora 15 live CD.
I've also tried su to root, and still the same.

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tar -xfz /home/liveuser/Downloads/pckg.tar.bz2


cd /home/liveuser/Downloads
tar -xfz pckg.tar.bz2

EDIT: If I'm not mistaken; because you are trying to extract a .bz2 archive, I think you need to use -xjf rather than -xzf. -xzf is for .tar.gz, -xjf is for .tar.bz2.

Alternatively, you could just use -xf and leave the tar program to work out the appropriate method of extraction.

Great, thats working now, but I've run into other problems.
After I entered the command ./configure, it returns with "configure:error:cannot guess build type; you must specify one". what does this mean?

After reading something included with the configure error, I tried updating it, copy and pasting it to the configure file from /proc/1830/cwd. Is this right?
Dont know what I'm doing...

It sounds like the program you're trying to build can target several different platforms or architectures.
When you are calling './configure', the configuration is failing because it doesn't know which platform you are targetting. So you may need to pass some parameters to the configure command.

Check for any README files or other documentation in the directory containing the source code. Instructions for building the program should be somewhere in the extracted archive. Otherwise check the official website for the project.

Incidentally, you neglected to mention which program you're trying to build.
Can you post the name of the program and a link to where you downloaded the source code? It might help in diagnosing your problem!

Im trying to build wireshark-1.6.2
In case you need my system details..
Its 32bit, 2.6 ghz quad core with 4 gb ram.

tar -xfz /home/liveuser/Downloads/pckg.tar.bz2

This should help.

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