I have an issue with my web server, relatively minor but something that has been bugging me:

I have two systems, both running the same spec OS, software etc... I use one as a dev server and the other as a production server.

The webpage I am rendering on the servers is holding a relatively large table (with a lot of data). (The code on both systems is exactly the same).

The problem is that on the production system, the webpage sits there for 10 seconds loading the large amount of data, then bang. It outputs the whole table.
Whereas the development system outputs the table on a row-by-row basis, giving the user an 'impression' that the page is loading much quicker. I'd like to production server to do the same.

I have no idea what the reason for this difference is. I've had a quick look at the apache config and verified that it is the same across both machines. Not really sure how to debug this...

If anyone has an idea or a hint as to what the is causing the difference in the way the page is output, please give me a shout.

Don't worry, I solved it about 5 minutes after I raised the post!

I checked the apache2 modules on both systems and it seems mod deflate was enabled on the production server:

root@prod~ a2dismod deflate
root@prod~ /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
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