Anyone have or know information on a working XF86Config XF86Config-4
File for Sun Enterprise 250 Server . Have tried Sun, Goggle. Openboot.
Read Bbs for Debian, Gentoo and freeBSD, so far no go.

Loaded freeBSD sparc64...
Tex Live CD sparc64 5.6...
Gentoo sparc64...
Debian sparc64...

Tried there configuring setups and all the XF86Config , XF86Config-4 files they make do not work.

Hardware is as follows:

2 x 400Mhz UltraSPARC CPU's
Sun Ethernet card on the Motherboard.
ATI Technologies Inc. 3D Rage I/II 215GT Mach64 GT video card.
6 x Seagate Cheetah ST318203LC SCSI HDD

Any input would be much appreciated.
Really want *.nix on my Sun Enterprise 250 Server .

Thank you,

I've got an original sparcstation 5, so I'm in a bit of a different position than you, but give Debian another shot. It had the most trouble-free X configuration that I've ever run on a sparc. You just put in the information that you know (mainly video card type, monitor size/resolution), and it generated a config file that had an acceptable setup that I hardly had to tweak.

Can you post your most recent XF86Config file? Maybe someone with a similar setup could help you out in tweaking yours.

Openboot is showing some errors with the Main board.
I sent for one, will post in the next week or so.