Hi all,

Originally i had posted this thread in the wrong forum! (Pretty stupid, huh!) So i will ask the right form today!

Dose anyone know any good websites for downloading Linux.

Any help would be great!

Chris (Croft .L)

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Hey Everyone!
Check this link out-->http://www.linuxlinks.com/Distributions/
Youll find brief informative descriptions on most popular linux distros. (I personally found this site the easiest to use):)

Once you find a distro you think you want, you can click on the distros name to connect to a site with more descriptive info and info for obtaining that distro.

Still don't have enough info??
Can't Find a Linux thats right for you??

Go to any of the sites above:
http://www.linuxiso.org/ (credit:comprookie2000)
http://iso.linuxquestions.org/ (credit:comprookie2000)
http://distrowatch.com/ (credit: DMR)
for additional listings descriptions and information on obtaining the linux of your choice

Enjoy The World Of Linux. Fast, Reliable, and Inexpensive..What More Could You Want From an OS? :) !

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