Actually i want to start a major project for my GRADUATION ,so i want to write a lot of code to make a new platform or distro using existing linux kernel.
Can anyone help me ? I mean any one who able to tell me from where i start for my project.

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Depends on what experience you have in Linux and how much you know about the system as it stands.

Installing a source based distro such as Gentoo or Lunar, which will give you a working system a little faster than Linux from Scratch will, as they have the option to use some pre-compiled components. At that point you should have a general idea of what you are going to be trying to achieve and what is involved..

Once you have that system up and running set up a chroot environment and go through the LFS book.

You shouldn't really need to write a lot of code as other folks more adept at such things than I have done it already. Though there may be the odd script you want to write to get something to work in a particular way.

Above all make sure your having fun, and make sure you open your project up for others to play with, even if you don't intend to continue to support or develop it after your project is done.

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