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How did you install it?
Did you use Wubi(installed alongside windows)
or did you partition the hard drive
I think its a lot easier to remove if Ubuntu just runs with your current system

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Do you intend to install another Linux distro, or do you just want to recover the drive space?


i have uninstalled ubantu somehow..
but there's problem with win7..
after installation of win7 and all its drivers...
if i shout down the laptop the os gets corrupted and starts recovery..

so i have to keep it on hibernete mode...
in short if i want to start win7 every time i have to install win7.. and drivers too..
i dont know whether it's hardware fault or software..
plz help me out..
thank you. for help.. in advance


1.)Boot the windows repair/installer cd and chose the command line. Enter FixMbr and if it doesn't work then enter Bootrec.exe/FixMbr
2.)boot to windows and use the default partition manager to delete the partitions where the linux is installed.


There's a way to recover the MBR by using lilo but you'll need to execute it before uninstalling linux ubuntu. If you have uninstall, then you'll need to boot linux by live cd mode or through flash drive. Then install lilo from teerminal and execute the string.

More details HERE

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