I need mod_security rules to prevent Googlebot from indexing any file named browse.php anywhere on the server, while still allowing Googlebot to access anything else. I figured mod_security will do the trick because it can recognize user-agents and set rules accordingly.

Any ideas?

I did some research on creating mod_security rules and figured this out myself. Here is a server-wide mod_security rule for the main Apache configuration which will keep Googlebot off of 1 particular file. This only applies if the file shows up in the root directory of a domain, but it applies to all domains on the server.

<LocationMatch "/file.php">
SecRule REQUEST_HEADERS:User-Agent "@pm Googlebot" "deny,status:403"

Change file.php to the name of the file you want to protect. The part that says "Googlebot" can also be changed to any user-agent. It's a pattern match and not an explicit match. This means the full user-agent simply needs to include the word for the rule to apply.

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