I am planning to build a Task Manager in Linux as my Final yr project.
I know there already exists some, but I want to create my own..

Can u give me some guidelines for this project that what areas should I cover first and what not.

Sahil Wadhwa

Hit Control and Escape in KDE.

That will show your processes running, similar to a task manager. You can also get PCLinuxOS (Live CD ) and check out the PCLinuxOS Control Center...they have a similar tool there for processes. It's programmed in perl.

also, if you are running redhat linux 9 GNOME, then you can select "Main Menu > System Tools > System Moniter" or if it came on the panel just click that.

If you're running red hat linux 9, you need to upgrade. Red Hat doesn't make Linux for the desktop anymore...you'd have to go to the Fedora Project for that. Red Hat Linux 9 is quite a bit outdated...so if you're using that currently, you're open to MANY security holes and you won't be able to patch them without considerable Linux knowledge (compiling your own kernels, applying kernel patches, creating your own custom rpm repository with all applications installed compiled and updated).

Just upgrade to a diff. distro if you're still using Red Hat 9.