Guys I just installed Ubuntu 10.4 and it wont detect my wireless networks.

Here is my progress so far:

1.) I uninstalled Windows 7
2.) I installed Ubuntu 11.10....but didnt' like the new lay-out.
3.) So I installed Ubuntu 10.04

Ubuntu 11.10 recognized all wireless probelm. I just didn't like the new layout.

But when I installed Ubuntu 10.04 it wont even detect those same wireless networks Ubuntu 11.10 had no problem finding.

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hmm...perhaps you should try updating the driver for your wi-fi adapter from the drivers on the 11.10 disc?

I understand what you mean, the Unity desktop is weird to say the least.

Have you considered a sister distro. I recommend Kubuntu 11.10 (which has KDE as a desktop environment). I always liked it better than Ubuntu, maybe you will too. The plasma desktop is very customizable (you can layout the menus and task-bars and all in any way you like).

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