Linux is as safe as an operating system can ever get. If you have an antivirus on your Linux machine, you could clean the drive and stop the risk of infecting other machines so having a good firewall is always a smart thing to do.

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I am a newbie to Linux. I am finding it interesting but i am wondering why Linux is not having any Antivirus or some security tools? wont this pose any security threat when we are accessing Internet?

because when you install linux in your pc dat time firewall is already active so in linux we dont need any antivirus

because when u insatall linux dat time in linux firewall is alredy activate so in linux we dont need any antivirus...............

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That is interested but what about the use of p2p on linux? I know they are really risky but some programs, legally or otherwise cannot easily be found elsewhere?

It is not the completely truth. Linux has also his viruses - but they are far less prevalent than Windows ones

linux internet security whats the best linux internet security???????????

Hi can someone tell me what the best antivirus and what’s the best firewall and what’s the best malware for Linux???????????????????????????????????

ClamAV and Guarddog should be in your Linux Repository. I don't know of an Anti-malware app for Linux. I don't use AV or Firewall software on my Debian machine and, after several years, have never had a problem.

Linux is very good operating system but not as good as Mac because i have both the operating system & both are amazing no issues virus affecting my system. You make my work so smooth & faster. Thank you both the operating system company get something more better.

I am new here and i have been running linux for about a year now and I love it. and I found this discussion very interesting. I run linux mint 8 btw. and except for a couple of programs i only use the program manager to install programs.

i think Linux has no real virus threats as all viruses are targeted towards windows because of its large percentage...

also there may be a lack of linux viruses but linux mail servers etc... can give windows viruses to windows clients

Anyway whether there is virus or not. I install ClamAV as a precaution because I use to send files to Window users. I don't them to call me saying I had virus in my computer and ask me to scan, kill and format my computer as they don't know what OS I am using.

there aren't any professional virus generators yet!!!

Why Windows has more viruses than Linux? Because the system which is open and everybody in the world have knowledge of it's bugs and may fix them will ALWAYS be better and more efficient than a closed system which code is unknown and which safety relies only of unknowledge of it's code.

We need more people who think like you.

for what i know, it's because unix is stable enough to handle such as rare worms in the league and its reliability to avoid windows viruses ( different operating system ), which i might also say its just a few guys making viruses for unix machine compare to gazillion guys on to"windowsnisme"

I think the main advantage Linux has over Windows is that its model of security is based on UNIX. Even if you get infected, it's easier to fix the damage because it cannot automatically get control of the system files (unless if you forget to log out of your super-user or root modes). Another thing I've noticed is that most Linux distros provide the software you need right after installation. You don't have to go hunting on download sites for programs which may be malware in disguise. For newer users this makes it less likely that someone like a relative will go and download something like Antivirus 2009 to the computer.

Another reason why Linux don't have virus because like Ubuntu, they have Software center to download whatever software you want and all this software has been tested to be safe. Even other Distros had their own repo for you to download without any virus. Great reason to use Linux.

i have to agree with the last poster. There are so many people working on the code that if there was something in there it would be fixed in a matter of hours (at the most a few days) compared to windows which waits till it has hundreds of complaints before they get a fix for it. A lot of people who take on a software product treat it like there own child. Everything that is changed or added, fixed etc. usually goes through them ( the project leader or author)for testing before they release it back into the community. Thus you have a much better chance of not getting a virus. I would also like to say that linux is not immune to viruses just better prepared to handle them when they do occur and yes they do happen just not as often.

The main motive behind maing a virus is to annoy the people. Since most machines use Windows instead of Linux, then why to design viruses for Linux ! the virus will be a waste then !

Linux is community developed,updated and maintained. So, if there is some issue with virus or bug than any one from communitarian fix it and update it.

There are antivirus products for Linux. There are just far fewer Linux antivirus programs anti virus protection software for Windows. There are a few reasons: It should be noted that even if Linux does not suffer from software viruses considered, there are still large amounts of software that "infect" Linux machines. The worst kind of software for a Linux machine is a rootkit. Rootkits allow someone to access the high-level system and control while failing to warn the user's current system that something has changed. These rootkits can modify and spying data or run programs in the background without any process or data access of legitimate users. The fact that another user is connected or attached to the machine can be completely hidden. Other types of malicious software and data they can find their way into the Linux machines are lumberjacks, poisoned DNS entries, backdoor botnet, fishermen, mail gateways, etc.

As you can see, Linux machines are not immune to security problems. The main difference between a Windows machine safety and security in a Linux is the way to maintain a high level of security. In Windows, you want to make sure you have a solid firewall, antivirus, spyware careful, thorough / adware, and careful what you wish to see in your system. With a Linux machine, you want to configure a firewall updates tight, go out each night (up2date, etc) to ensure that critical patches are installed and the software is updated to ensure that demons and all unnecessary programs are turned off and locked and that all the code adds the system is secure and monitored for abnormal behavior / use. The differences arise primarily because most Windows machines are used as office productivity machines or play while most Linux machines are used as different types of servers

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Creating Virus for windows is fun...creating for linux is like injections ourselves with HIV virus..WE love linux to much..hahahhaha

There are antiviruses but most do not have a user interface (avgfree for linux is great but you have to go into the terminal to run it and type 'avgscan /(location you want to scan)) however avast! antivirus has a user friendly interface and also does a free version. However if you are using Ubuntu (or one of its derivatives) and have installed inside your windows partition using wubi there is no need for an antivirus as you can use the one you use with windows to scan it wwhen you log into windows its usually under C:/UBUNTU.

Can anyone email me at below address and let me know if I put a Linux operating system into a windows 7 laptop with preinstalled free DOS operating systems will that be better and safer than to install a microsoft operating system?.I cant seem to create and documents,letters,ect with this dos system and when I try to open my existing documents that I have saved from my previous laptop with microsoft OS,the docs wont open on my new laptop.My other question is:If I put a Linux OS into my present Windows 7 with DOS operating system will the Linuz OS just over ride the DOS or do I have to somehow remove the DOS osperating system first?( I dont know how to do that)....Jimmy in and by the way when I bought my new laptop they changed most stuff over to English but some stuff still comes up in Chinese and I am having a very hard times installing SKYPE but no problem with yahoo messenger.

Jimmy---Go ahead and put the linux on right over the top of the 7. I have a laptop, and it is easy. The linux will wipe out the seven as you install it. if you have 7 on your laptop, you won't be able to switch back to the 7 if you change your mind at a later day. The only way to get back is by way of the restore unit. I know because I have done it many times. Good Luck

By mistake , Sorry :$

That means windows is weak? That is why miscrosoft is downgrading and worse and worse?

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