I've uploaded two files, one is a screen shot of my the ftp address to my server and the other is the ftp settings files that is sitting on my ubuntu server. I'M not understanding how it works. Where in the ftp settings to I designate a directory for the ftp downloads/uploads? I don't see it anywere in the setting. I'M not really sure how this works. The screen shot was taken from a windows desktop, the ubuntu server is another machine here in the house.

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From from the manual:

By default vsftpd is configured to authenticate system users and allow them to download files

so if you log with garrett user the directory will be located in /home/garrett/, the configuration for the anonymous account is different, here the link to the manual with some basic information for config:


bye! :)

Well I was just going to my web browser and typing in ftp://ipaddress it wouln't ask for a user name or password. If the directory is simply /home/garrett that page should be shoing a lot of files, but isntead it's blank except for the heading Name, Size, Date Modified.

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