Hi all, I am having serious troubles connecting my laptop to the tv. I can do that with windows ok, but not in the linux. Somebody suggested to install bumblebee http://eternalvoid.net/tutorials/linux-optimus-gt650m/, which I seem to have successfully done. I think the reason was because my laptop had the nvidia drives and they were causing troubles etc etc. Still I get a no signal message on the tv. I have tried the fn keys as I would in windows but nothing. I have tried under monitor no joy either. Is there any command I have to issue to get tv to pick up my laptop or something else? Is there anything else I should check on my laptop, like right drives being loaded or whatever?

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  1. (with laptop shut down) connect hdmi cable to TV.
  2. Boot laptop.
  3. If TV still shows "no signal", go into nvidia x-server settings and set the system to use the hdmi monitor.

If #3 doesn't work... I'm at a loss. :-( Try it, in any case. Often, booting with the device attached will let the system "see" it and enable it on boot.

I tried already to boot up with the cable connected to it, and it didn't work, how fo I go to the invidia settings and how do I set the system to use the monitor?

Do you have the default nouveau driver installed, or the proprietary nVidia driver? You REALLY need the proprietary one, and that requires blacklisting the nouveau driver so it doesn't get loaded at boot time.

Once you have the proprietary driver installed, you will see in the System->Preferences menu the entry "Nvidia X Server Settings". To install it, download the nVidia*.run file, and then edit the file /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf, adding the entry "blacklist nouveau". Next, switch to non-gui mode. You should be able to do that with the command "telinit 3" which will set you to console mode (at least for Red Hat distributions - not sure about Ubuntu, but there is something similar for that". Then, you can install the proprietary nVidia driver. Once that is successfully done (don't use the drivers in the Ubuntu package managers...), then you can reboot, and you should be able to configure your displays with the nVidia X server settings.

well I am not sure anymore what driver I have to be honest, I have tampered so much with that...Let's start from the beginning, how do I find out wha driver I have, is there a command for that?

Try pressing one of these when it's connected to the external monitor: Fn + F3, F4, F5, F8, or F9.

Done that already mat1998x

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