Portmap failure & portmap: unrecognized service while entering the command service portmap start

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Ok. This is not particularly useful. What is your OS+distribution? Have you installed all the NIS packages and tools? Have you configured NIS? Are you trying to run an NIS server, or just as a client? All of these questions need to be answered to move forward.

Thanks for your kind reply. I am using Centos 6.2 as Server and Ubuntu 11.10 as client. I have installed all NIS packages and tools and also configured NIS and Service is starting.But the error mentioned for me are "bash: /etc/init.d/portmap: No such file or directory" while enter the command 'service portmap start' and "No such map passwd.byname. Reason: Can't bind to server which serves this domain" while entering 'ypcat passwd' command. These two are my errors.

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