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I'm having a strange issue at work. I have a Windows 2003 Standard server running as Active Directory, DNS, etc. I also have a 2003 Server Enterprise SP1 server running File Sharing and ISA Server. This server (running File Sharing and ISA Server) is giving me issues when I try to access the ACL list to add new domain users in order to share a folder.

If I Right Click on a Folder and Enable Sharing with the default ACL list (being everyone) I can create the share. The problem happens when I try to add users to any ACL list (share permissions list or file security list). If I go on the Security tab and click ADD and then click the Advanced... button it says "The advanced page cannot be opened because of the following error: The server is not operational."

I had End Point protection 12 installed on the server, I took it out (uninstalled) completely just in case that was the issue.

I'm now thinking ISA server is the problem but I revised the rules and I currently have allow Everything to pass from Local Host, Internal to External, Local host, internal.

I even tried to disable the ISA server services which doesnt work either.

I'm scared to disjoin the pc and rejoin to the domain since I am not even sure it will add back...

Help anyone?!

Thanks in advance.

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One thing strange i noticed is:

If I go on the Security tab and click ADD and then click the Advanced... button it says

normally, you would click advanced, then add

I have done some online searching and found that the problem could be that your servers are not in sync. Also make sure server IP addresses are static(not automatically assigned by DHCP).

I can't help you with the error but I do have a recommendation. When you share a folder on the server, do not add individual people into the access list. Instead, create an AD group with the required access rights, then add people to that group. You want to minimize the number of mods to the ACLs on the server. I had to undo a massive admin nightmare on several of our work servers where another individual was adding people rather than maintaining access through AD groups. It wasn't pretty.

commented: yep, that is best practice, i had forgotten +4

Hi. SwiftTech Solutions here! Check the event viewer for domain trust relationship errors and / or dns replication errors. Also verify date and time on all servers in question. 2 additional questions come to mind. Are you running DFS? Is this a physical server or a virtual machine? You can email me on <snip></snip> also.

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