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Hi, my computer has two hard drives on then. One hard drive has Windows XP and the other will have Ubuntu 10.04.
I want to host a web server on the second hard drive with Ubuntu and want it to be running all the time. Most of the time, however, Windows XP will be loaded.
Will I be able to host the webserver on the second hard drive?

Not without running a virtual system of some sort. Only one OS per system till you get to virtual systems. You could run Ubuntu set up a virtual system and run XP under it or install VMWare and run both under it.

Um, on my laptop I have two OSs on my laptop with no virtual system.... I know how to get two OSs I want to know if I can have a webserver running on one while being booted into another.

Not without running a virtual system of some sort. You have to have a primary OS running and you only get one Operating System. Under that Operating system you can run other OS's virtually. For example, I have a system (Dual Quad core XEON 3.0) running VMWare ESXi 4 (Linux based kernel for Virtual OS's) and under it I have currently 7 different Operating systems (1ea XP, 2ea Windows Server 2003, 4ea Linux). One of the Server 2003 (Running IIS) and one of the Linux (CentOS running LAMP with main site and email) are almost (99%) always running and available on the web. XP is for testing compatibility and only started when needed. Second Server 2003 is for development and rebooted a lot. Second Linux is for CentOS development and testing and up most of the time. Third Linux is Ubuntu and forth is Debian and are for reference and down most of the time.

Does that help.

Yes, This is working well

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