I would just like to know is there a way you can overwrite the main.c file in the kernel folder(dir /usr/src/kernel/main.c) in MINIX 3. I want to change some code in the file(I know the risks involved) but the problem is I can't save it. I've tried logging in as 'bin' and 'root' and still the same issue.

Is there another way of doing this?

Thanks-and any help will be appreciated! :D

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What are you using for an editor? Have you modified the file and directory permissions so you can save a new version of the file?

I'm using the VI editor. I'm not sure how to modify the permissions but I'll take a look into it thanks!

After struggling like this I took an alternative root and reinstalled+redownloaded minix and the virtualbox which seemed to fix the problem for now. Hopefully it stays like this

But Thanks for the feedback!

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