I have two OS in my PC one is Linux & other is Windows.
Windows is in C drive & my primary OS, i prefer to use most than.
I was using Linux for my practicals purpose & now its over.
Linux flavor installed is Fedora 17, thats the latest version of it.
I have installed it on my F drive.
Now i want to uninstall it, how can i do that so F drive will be free again for me?
Since i have 160 GB HDD, i have given about 40 GB for that linux OS which was too much.
& now i have only about 10GB tp 12GB left in my PC.
Can anybody reply fast.

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Can you just format the F: drive from within Windows, or delete/recreate the F: partition?

I would recommend that you use a Virtualization product installed on your host operating system such as VMWare or Virtual box to evaluate other operating systems. that way, when you are done with the evaluation, you just delete the guest OS and you dont have to worry about this type of problem again in the future. The other advantage that the VM design has over multi-booting is that you can run all of the guest VMs at the same time, assuming you have enough RAM in the system to support it.

but i dont know how to format F: drive since it only shows 6 GB in it.
If i format it maybe it is possible that it will only format remaining part of it on Windows.
Can you please tell how it can be done?

You have to use Windows' partition manager and locate the linux partitions (they should appear as having unknown format, and there should be at least two of them (root and swap) and possibly a third one (/home)). Then, you "delete" those partitions which will create some "free" space on the hard drive. At this point, you can either select that free space and create a new partition that uses it, or expand one of your current partitions (F:) to use up that free space.

If you have grub installed as the primary boot-loader (on the MBR), you probably should use BCDedit or EasyBCD to reinstall the Windows boot-loader.

In your Administrative Tools folder, computer management console, Disk Managment snap-in.

i am at there at computer management what to do now.
This is what i see in there:
There is only delete option but too many option if window based drive is selected

@Jorge, this isn't exactlty relevant, but as far as your original post goes, VMs are only as good as his CPU and/or RAM. It's only the best choice if your machine can handle it, otherwise you could come out thinking Windows performs much faster than Linux, which is often not the case.

thanks for the extra clarification...

Sorry, I didn't see your last bit.

Thanx for the help JorgM & PhilEaton
i will do this quickly now & the video was awsome thanx for the help

Can you also tell me what is best VMWare or Virtual Box for using Linux as second OS?
Are they free or not?

VMWare has several products, VMWare Player is free. VirtualBox is free as well. I typically like to use VirtualBox but I have used VMWare and Microsoft's Virtual PC, Hyper-V as well. They are all easy to install and configure guest operating systems, including Linux.

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