What do i do to repair ubuntu when it crashs?

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Do you have any more information, how it crashed, what you where doing when it crashed etc.

Things like what version and what happens now would be helpful, otherwise we can't really help you.

If you have a live or recovery cd/dvd/usb drive, you can boot into that and fix the file systems with fsck. However, as AHarrisGsy mentioned, it would be good for you to provide a bit more information.

you can come online i resolve your problem teel me complete error during boot.

Thank you. The major problem is that my openoffice suit can open. The Ubuntu software center can not also display when I click on it to open. Lastly the destop screen can not display.
Please advise. I do not have the recovery cd or dvd you are talking about. How can I download one?

Try re-booting the system with a new disc or USB device then choose the option to repair and do not ever go for pirated copy installation of any software and OS.

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