Hi! Does anyone know of any worthwhile machine language OSes to try? I just learned about them in class. It's an interesting idea in terms of speed and portability. I could only find two online, one was in Russian, and the other was MikeOS. Does anybody know any other OSes written in Assembly?? Thanks very much!
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I took assembly xx (too many) years ago... I also found that very class interesting in school.

It is very interesting indeed. You said you've done a lot of research into web site optimization (on your website review forum), what about building web pages with ASP (Assembly Server Pages). While that was meant as a joke, how realistic is that? I do not yet know much about it. Also, do you know of any OSes built in assembly?

I wouldnt spend too much time these days with ASP unless your job is to support existing ASP Applications (there are still a lot of them out there). I consult and teach so I come across different topics and work with various technologies (dev, data, analytics, network, security, etc.., etc..) . For web development, I am particular to asp.net, but have dabbled with PHP.

Way back, in my CS program, I did enjoy the coursework related to Assembly. Now, while I still do enjoy development very much, a lot of the work I do is contracted out because of my workloads. Unfortanetly, I haven't worked lately with any Assembly directly. If you are in school and involved, keep it up. I find that development (problem solving) is very challanging and keeps the mind active and sharp. I'll be watching this thread to hopefully to hear from other experiences out there with regard to assembly. good topic!..

I currently have a subject titled "Introduction to Computer Organization and Machine-Level Programming" which focuses on Assembly language on 32 bit systems with Nasm as the compiler and uses Intel style syntax.

Having studied first high level languages first like C and Java I struggled a bit with Assembly which requires a lot of instructions to perform simple tasks which only takes a few lines for high languages to perform. Despite this unlike the high level lang I get to actually view the compute's memory storage and allocation for the program which answers some of the questions I'd have during the first years of my CS course

Now for other OS, correct me if I'm wrong as I recall Windows was built using C and also in Assembly(but the latter's only minimal)

I decided to forgo that class for a gen ed requirement. We have "course shopping periods" and I switched out. @Jorge, what I meant was not ASP as you know (Active Server Pages), but Assembly Server Pages. This is of course fictious to my knowledge. I was meerly wondering if such an idea was realistic. Due to it's high speed and power, it would seem a good choice to a novice. What is your input on something like that? Using Assembly Server Pages instead of the common JSP or ASP(Active SErver Pages)? Maybe this thread belongs in Theoretical Computer Science. I apologize if so.

MS-DOS was written in assembler, as was CP/M, TRS-DOS (for the TRS-80), et al. There is an open source version of DOS (FreeDOS) which certainly has a fair amount of assembler in it (it's mostly in assembly language). Here is a link to the download page: http://www.freedos.org/download/

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