I've been trying all day to find a way to duel boot Windows 8 and Ubuntu. None of the google links I read seem to work on my computer.

My computer has two internal hard drives, Widows 8 is installed on the first drive c:. The second hard drive has two partitions, one for use with Windows while the other partition is where I want to install Ubuntu. The links I have read say it's quite simple, just tell Ubuntu to use the partition I want. But neither Ubuntu version 12 or version 13 recognize the two partitions on the second hard drive, instead it wants to take over the entire hard drive. I have a lot of files on the second hard drive that I can not let Ubuntu delete.

I can't use the Utuntu Windows Installer because it is not compatible with Windows 8. Any suggestions on how to make Ubuntu recognize the two logical volumes on the second hard drive?

If you boot from the LiveCD, you should be able to pull up a terminal and enter this:

$ sudo fdisk -l

to list the hard-drives, partitions and their formatting information. That's the first information you should fetch (and post here), to know what Ubuntu is actually seeing.

In general, I prefer to create the free space on the hard-drive before starting the Ubuntu installer. This way, you just tell the installer to use the free-space on the given hard-drive instead of telling it to take over a particular partition. So, I would suggest you go into Windows, and re-arrange the partitions on that hard-drive to free up some "unformatted" space. A comfortable space for Ubuntu is around 100Gb (no need for much more than that), minimum about 20Gb. So, if you can simply shrink one of the partitions down by about that amount, it should free up enough space.

Afterwards, you start the Ubuntu installer and you must choose to manually select / create the partitions where to install it, and then, select the free-space from your hard-drive to install the different partitions (reserve a good 1.5 times your RAM memory as swap space). Also, remember to select to install Grub on the same partition as where you install Ubuntu.

After booting with Ubuntu 12 Live fdisk reported "GPT (GUID Partition Table) detected on /dev/fdb. This fdisk doesn't support GDT. Use GNU Parted". That's probably why it doesn't recognize the partitions when I try to install ubuntu. I'm reluctant to use GNU Parted for fear it will destroy Windows partitions.

I wanted to boot with Ubuntu 13 live but it said it couldn't find Live on the disk.

Select the hard drive that you want to install ubuntu as the first hard drive to boot. This will work I think. After installing Ubuntu if grub doesn't show up the windows installation, update the grub.

Well, I've given up on this idea after reinstalling Windows 8 for the third time because I screwed up the entire hard drive. Maybe I'll just get another computer that only has Ubuntu on it.

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