I need to view a text file that located somewhere in a file.tar.bz2 file. Anyway I can explor a tar.bz2 file and view a text document there in?

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You can extract the specific file from the compressed .bz2 tarball with this command:

tar -jxvf filename.tar.bz2 targetfilename

Sure. Use an archive manager application. For KDE, the standard one is Ark. For Gnome, the standard one is File Roller. Both open-source and installable from repositories, and they will certainly allow you to preview text files. I know that Ark is well integrated with other KDE programs to allow you to open just about any typical document you'll find in a tarball.

If you are talking about doing this in a terminal, then you just need use the tar command, which has many options, including that of filtering through bzip2 compression/uncompression. For more details, type man tar in your terminal.

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