i am using fedora via vmware server.
i never set the root password.
now, i can't.
all attempts to use sudo result in complaints that xxxx user is not in /etc/sudoers.
cannot edit that file as no permissions.
cannot set root password
what to do?

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You can try to boot into fedora in runlevel 1. That way you'll have root permissions without using a root password.
Press the spacebar as soon as you see the GRUB-menu. Then press 'e'.
Use the arrow-keys to go to the second line, the one that starts with 'kernel'. Press 'e' again.
Your cursor is now at the end of the line. Type 'linux 1' there. Than press 'Enter', and 'b'.
Your system should start in grafical mode, you're automatically loggid in as root.
Type 'passwd' and you can enter a new password. After that, type 'reboot' and start fedora the 'normal' way.


You must have set the root password, you have to during install. Anaconda (the installer) wont let you proceed without one.

And yeah, try singleuser mode


fedora in vmware does not ask for root password.
i "booted" fedora and pressed space bar continuously. never did it stop. this method does not work. i don't know what grub is.
any other ideas?


Did you download an appliance? If so, the root password would be in the description. It may something simple like "root" or "password".


Ubuntu is the same way, it doesn't set it up for security reasons try

sudo passwd root

Enter a new password whatever you like
confirm it

and it should be set...

then use
to get a root prompt, enter your new password and enjoy the danger!

Don't forget to

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