Hi all,

I am a newcomer with linux.
Now,I am trying to install lifescope software but I have problem to do that.
Below that my way to install software:

beowulf@n000 ~]$ tar -xzf LifeScope-2.5.r0-97271_20111110010925.tar.gz
  [beowulf@n000 ~]$ make install
  cat install.sh >install 
  chmod a+x install
  [beowulf@n000 ~]$

Log file of lifescope was attached in this mail.

Could you please show me how to install that software?

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I dont know about centOS but it seems similar to the way you install on ubuntu.
1.Extract and THEN GO THE DIRECTORY IT IS EXTRACTED( you seem didnt do that (cd LifeScope-2.5.r0-97271_20111110010925))
2.in ubuntu you type: ./configure
4.make install

Link to UNIX "tar" command

To install, after building it, you need to run "make install" as root.

To install, after building it, you need to run "make install" as root.

True that, i just didnt know how to do that as root on CentOS. (sudo in ubuntu) :)

From the command line:

cd directory-where-code-is-to-build
make install

"su" will ask for the root password. Don't add a dash after 'su' since you want to stay in the build directory to run "make install". As "su" creates a new shell, the "exit" command will return you to the user environment.

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