hi all i m facing one problem that i m having one firewall machine(shorewall) and at the same time dhcp and squid is also installed on that machine . i want to setup some backup machine what will automatically take over that gateway machine in case of any break doun of any services and all but user will not came to know that system is automatically swaped and work is not suffered .

so plz provide me with solutions


You'll need to research the following programs (listed at the link) in Linux and use them all together to achieve your goal or use a *BSD solution. I don't know of any program out there that combines them all and uses them all in Linux...I just know you can use them together and get where you need to with a Master Firewall (director) and a Slave (backup) Firewall...first, you'll need to cluster the servers, then see this thread:


That should tell you what you want to know. A better idea would be to use CARP and pfsync in one of the BSD's for your firewall cluster. Much easier to use and there is plenty of documentation on things available.