I am trying to make something similar to a symbolic link type setup for a folder. I have a folder on my desktop, place_on_server, and several folders that match up to folders on my linux server so place_on_server/tutorials would match up to /var/www/media/tutorials or place_on_server translates to /var/www/media

Basically I find a pdf or website I want to archive because I find it very informative (and I'm gonna be losing internet soon). I want to save it the the appropriate folder
so for example: http://docs.python.org/release/2.5.2/lib/ctypes-pointers.html

I'll save in place_on_server/python. When that happens, a series of scripts will run and the html archive will be placed on /var/www/media/python and be deleted from my computer (My main computer is a macbook).

I read somewhere that you can do something like me$ sftp root@ -d /var/www/media/python -f <file name>
I can't find anything I'm just curious. I'm using RSA authentication so no password needed.

If not I was wondering if there are any workable solutions for this type of functionality. The only thing I can think is either I make a client script that puts the file in /home/root and then activates a script on the server that moves it to the proper folder or something. I don't know. I think I remember you can write a tiny command script that ssh/sftp will run.

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