Hi! That's my first post in Daniweb Forums. If I go wrong in explaining something or violate rules of posting threads, give me assistance.
Two days back, I installed Fedora 18 having KDE Desktop Environment on my Core i3 Computer. It was working smooth and fine. I have Intel HD 2000 Graphics built-in in my computer but , I purchased Asus GTX 460 video card separately and plugged it in. I attached my LCD display to Asus GTX 460. Everything went smooth. The LCD is the size of 19 inches and is showing its max resolution of 1280X1024 without any blurriness. Only thing I want is that Fedora 18 is not detecting my Asus GTX 460 and instead showing that my video card is Gallium; which I do not know what it is. I want Fedora18 to utilize the full resources of my Computer and I might install some Autodesk 3d software in it. So, I want Asus GTX 460 driver but, do not know how to install it and how to get it.
I'm a newbie to Linux and do not have much knowledge of it so, please help me!
Following are the specs of my computer:
Core i3, Inel HD 2000 GPU (Built-in), Intel DH67CL motherboard, 8GB Kingston DDR3 Ram,
Asus GTX 460 video card, 80 GB Hard drive(on which fedora is installed) other than it I also have SUPER DVD.

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I think Gallium refers to this:

Perhaps the system information is reporting the driver in use rather than the model name of the card! I don't know if there are any proprietary drivers available for that particular card in Linux (probably not if you can't find any), but the free/open source drivers currently in use on your machine should fully support it.

Personally I don't think there's a problem. Your new card should be able to handle any 3D CAD/CAM type software you throw at it! If you want to be sure, you could perhaps try finding some benchmarking software to test the card in Fedora. Or just install whatever program you want it to run and see how it performs. I think it'll be fine!

Thankyou for all your help. JasonHippy I liked your answer. Mat199x also posted well. JasonHippy I think you are much more right and I will probably find some benchmarking software test for fedora 18.

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