As above, can't even see the package in synaptic anymore :/
Just wine-doc, winetricks.
Used to be able to, although couldn't get anything to work with it, since it said there was no space on the c drive, but now I can't even seem to install it, any ideas?

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It could be the latest image updates on your distro is corrupted. If you have previous image of linux mint you can try to boot into it and check whether synaptic works...

Ah, ok, will give it a go.
Or should I try a different distro?
Will be used as a media server most of the time, with a bit of tf2/eve gaming every now and again.
Got fedora on the laptop, and will be using ubuntu throughout the year on a couple of servers, so thought it might be good to try something new to help improve my knowledge/understanding of linux.
And if I should stick with mint, which version should i use, the normal, the debian, xcfe, lcde? Not entirely sure of the various differences.

I mean from my last post, did you have previous boot image version (GRUB) for your Mint? Sometimes new GRUB update mess up some apps on your system so you might want to check it first...

Well you could try Ubuntu since it was more stable than Mint. It could solve your initial problem...
I'm not using Mint so I don't know if it works differently from normal Linux OS...

Tried booting off of a livecd and updating from there, wine was in the package list, but it still didn't like it
So I resized the partition, and installed fedora on it last night, got wine installed, and steam fairly quickly.
Still got to look at drivers etc, but I know steam itself works, now just got to get winetricks working, so I can install eve, and will probably reinstall steam using winetricks as that seems to be the best way to do it.
I've left my mint install there, so I can have a play with it still, but I think for now I'll just use fedora as I'm a little more used to it, and will provide a little more consistency between my laptop and lan computer.
In general, are nvidia or ati cards better under linux? (both driver and performance wise)

Both work just fine but nvidia should work better with linux. Most nvidia product does support linux and linux provide easy drivers for it. Sometimes nvidia have issue...

Okay, am running a 4850 at the moment, but am looking to upgrade it ideally, since as far as I'm aware performance tends to be down a little on linux through wine.
Will aim for a nvidia card anyway, since I tend to get on better with them, am going to try to install winetricks tonight, will let you know how I get on

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