So as I posted before I am thinking on buying an iphone. I want to get into mobile app dev. I dont have a mac (only windows) so I search and found a lot of articles that said that it is basicly imposible to write iphone apps from a windows OS. I really like the iphones but really dont want to buy a mac just to develop for iphone.

Is there realy no way or am I just missing it (as the same was said about c# on linux, then I found monoproject).
And where can I get the development tools from then (for windows).


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Sorry dude, but apple products are only compatible with apps built for apple. So; you will have to develop in mac.


Apple only has a software development kit available for Macs. If any other kits include those that support windows are made by a third-party, and therefore app made from them will not be valid because of a new rule in the developer agreement.


i agree mac os is required to build apple apps

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