Hi Dear All frined

I look to make my career in linux programming( C, PHP ),so please suggest me about scope of this line , study materila, companies whree it is use.

sachin T

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i think it will be better if you put this in geeks lounge department.

anyways, PHP is currently in developing stage and there are much options in this field starting from scratch, you can build yourself by learning and learning.

what do you exactly mean by companies here ? i mean what do you want to know regarding that ?

Most major companies use Linux in their data centers. Mine has several thousand servers, spread over multiple data centers world-wide! In fact, if you want to work in IT or engineering here, you HAVE to be Linux/Unix savvy. My suggestion? Install a virtual machine manager on your PC, such as VirtualBox (free), and install a Linux enterprise distribution (Suse, CentOS, etc) in a virtual machine. Then, start working with it.

I guess you can get books on Linux networking and system administation. Like:

For a free reference on system administration:
Linux Network Administrator's Guide (free online)

For a more all-around guide to Red Hat (one of the most popular distro for servers):
"A Practical Guide to Red Hat Linux" - Mark Sobell.

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