I think im going to connect another computer to the Internet under linux. As I am a complete Linux noob I dont know very much about it.
I'm going to put it on an old computer (96 mb ram p 266) I'm going to put on SuSE 8.0 cause newer distributions wont work on it. I'm going to plug it in (with UTP-Crossover cable RJ-45 Connector) a dsl modem.
Can anyone tell me how to make this work on the machine??

Thank you
(BTW it's not been set up yet just trying to find some info how to do it)

That's kind of a vague question. Exactly what are you having trouble with?

I don't advise using an older distro like SuSE 8.0. It's bound to have security issues. Pick something like Slackware 10.2, or Debian 3.1, even, that is up to date, and have security fixes that might put you in a safer position. I've run Debian, Slackware, FreeBSD and NetBSD on a system with specifications very similar to yours, and they've all run swimmingly.

Let us know what exactly you need help with, and we can probably point you in the right direction. "How do I make this work on the machine" is pretty vague.

Well I'm asking: Can you create an ADSL Connection with SuSE 8.0?
Cause it's a bit outdated but I've got it at home already. (bought it and didn't do much with it)

And do I need to do anything special (maybe some terminal commands)? Or can I do it with Yast?

I've bought the book Linux for dummies (6th edition) And I'm just at the chapter about the terminal. There also was a dvd with it with some linux distro's (Including Fedora Core 3) But they need a better system.

And i´m kind a new to linux so I´m not that familiar with all those distro´s (BTW isnt freeBSD a Unix system)

Thank you

Ok. Sounds good. Why are you using a Crossover cable, though, with this modem? Most DSL modems use a standard straight-through cable.

But, aside from that, you should pick a more recent distribution. FreeBSD is a Unix, but it's comparable to any Linux distribution you'd run across. The best thing for you to do right now is do a Google for Linux search using the term PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet) if you do that, it should point you in the right direction. For more specific information pertaining to your distro, you could try searching "SuSE 8.0" + "PPPoE"