I use Linux & Rhythmbox to manage my iPod but that is blocking me from being able to use the .aax audio book file from audible.com The .aax files work well with iTunes but since I don't use iTunes anymore I'm kinda out of luck. I could manually place the .aax files into my iPod but I don't know where I should place them for them to work or even if that would make them show up on my iPod. Any ideas on where .aax file from audible.com need to be placed in the iPod and or does this work?

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Not sure where you can put them, but .aax files are generally encrypted with DRM. Some versions of iTunes can play them, but others cannot. From what I have read, your iPod can play them and deal with the DRM, but you probably need to run iTunes to install them on the device. There are tools out there that can remove the DRM and turn them into mp3 files.


I know there are tools than can take DRM off of audio files but I haven't found any that will take DRM off of .aax files.

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